What is it about these Tower Gardens? Even the Hanging Gardens of Babylon weren’t talked of so much being a wonder of the ancient world and all! Any-ways  Tower Garden is this new revolutionary gardening system that was developed through years of research and consumer testing at Future Growing LLC. At the moment it is one of the fastest selling gardening-related products and will remain so by the looks of it.

Tower Garden

Tower Garden

The Tower Garden is a patented plant growing system wherein the arrangement of plants is vertical with aeroponic distribution of earth-based mineral nutrients taking place. The basic residential Tower Garden stands at about 5 pots tall and can accommodate about 20 plants in a meager 2.5 by 2.5 space ( as much as a washing machine!).

You can check out the plants that are suitable for growing in your Tower Garden here and make purchases of seeds as well from our site!

It may seem like some crazy new technology but understanding the working of the Tower Garden is very simple. It works on aeroponics which is the method of growing plants by providing nutrition through moist air and entirely without soil. Research has shown that aeroponics is the most efficient and effective way to provide necessary nutrition, hydration and oxygen to developing plants. The pump in the Tower Garden ensures that nutrients are circulated timely and exclusively to every region of the tower.

Now that you know it isn’t rocket science don’t be fooled by its simplicity. The Tower Garden’s unique design makes it capable of withstanding force, heat and varying weather conditions. It can be used in colder regions too with the availability of heaters. You could however attempt to make your own vertical plant growing system with the use of cylindrical pipes, thermocol, ropes, glue, plastic sheets and a good old tool kit. Beware! Don’t name yours Tower Garden. You wouldn’t want to wake up to an overly exaggerated lawsuit.

The advantages of this amazingly refreshing garden system are a plenty. It uses 10% lesser water and space.  Also the need for pesticides and insecticides is reduced. The soil free system will definitely end your woes of weeding, tilling or even getting dirty! Not to mention that if you have any trouble there is a dedicated help line.

All this said though, gardening has been in existence for millenniums apparently! Egyptian tomb paintings dating back to 1600 B.C., one of the earliest physical evidences, depict lotus ponds surrounded by symmetrical rows of acacias and palm! But this is the 21st century where space is a valuable commodity. Vertical systems have an upper hand over horizontal gardening systems, thus Tower Gardens becoming a way of life is not really an unrealistic future.