Warm weather brings with it batch after batch of delicious fruits and vegetables! Sadly though, warmth breeds molds and funguses quicker and the task of keeping them fresh becomes harder. Adding to this, we generally buy in bulk making it almost a necessity to store fruits and veggies for long! Good news is that with little extra care, by the week’s end all our remaining greens and fruits do not have to end up in your compost (not that this is a bad thing)! Read on for tips on how to keep your fruits and veggies fresh longer.

6 ways to keep veggies longer

– A hot bath will be berry good for your berries!

Yes, you read right. A way to stop berries from fuzzy fungus-es is to give them a hot bath before storing them. The hot bath therapy called ‘thermo-therapy’ is simply immersing and swirling the berries around in hot water which will kill off mold spores waiting to burst into action! After bathing them, dry them off and store them in a dry container in your refrigerator.

– Contrary to popular belief, keep tomatoes out of the fridge!

Keeping tomatoes from rotting during the summer is troublesome. Storing them in the fridge may seem a sure-shot way of keeping them fresh for long. What most people don’t know is that cold temperatures rid tomatoes of their flavor and transforms their texture in a few days. The best thing would be to keep them at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and in a container void of any moisture. This should keep them ridiculously delicious for a week!

-Got leafy greens? Wrap them up!

Ideally, leafy greens are supposed to be eaten within 2 days of their purchase to experience their freshness and get the most of its nutrients. In the event that you need to store them, extend their freshness by wrapping unwashed leaves in a paper towel, putting it in a plastic bag and then into the fridge. The idea originates from the fact that moisture on the leaves brings about quicker rotting. Also, toss away spoilt leaves that could contaminate the whole bunch!

– An ice bath will freshen up lettuce and herbs

The greens that have gotten to look wilted can be revived and made to look fresh and new by shaking them about for a minute or two in an ice bath!

– Veggies and fruits can go in the freezer!

Wondering what to do with all those ripened fruits and veggies? Think no more! Just blanch them in hot water, chop them up and stick them in your freezer! You can do this to bell peppers, beans, cabbage, celery, cucumbers, eggplant and the list goes on! Not an ounce has to go wasted anymore.

– Ripened bananas go in the fridge!

It is a myth that refrigerating bananas make them go bad quicker. The fact is that the coldness of the fridge encourages the enzyme responsible to make bananas go black on the outside faster. However, the cold temperature keeps the bananas from ripening further making sure that beyond the ugly outside the banana is very much edible!