If your area generally averages between 65 and 95 deg. F during the summer, then vegetables from the subtropical area, more commonly the warm weather crops are most suited to you! Summer crops are mostly the fruits borne by the plant as opposed to cool-seasons leafy veggies.

The key to growing vegetables that prefer heat is watering religiously. Water them frequently and adequately and you shall be satisfied with the fruit of your hard work when it’s time to harvest your yield! If you have areas in your garden that receive the full blast of the sun for 6 to 10 hours a day you can consider any of the following warm weather vegetables.

–          Beans- Snake beans, Winged beans

–          Corn

–          Cucumbers

–          Eggplant- ‘Black Beauty’, ‘Epic’, ‘Classic’

–          Lettuce- ‘Black Seeded Simpson’

–          Melons

–          Okra

–          Peppers- ‘Sweet Banana’, ‘Big Bertha’, ‘California Wonder’, ‘Long Red’, ‘Hungarian Wax’

–          Pumpkins

–          Sweet Potatoes

–          Radish

–          Squash- ‘Yellow Crookneck’, ‘Zucchini’, ‘Spaghetti’, ‘Straightneck’, ‘Scallop’

–          Tomatoes- ‘Red Cherry’, ‘Sweet 100’, ‘Patio’, ‘Yellow Pear’, ‘Roma’, ‘Heartland’, ‘Heatwave’

–          Tomatillos

–          Watermelons