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Happy 2013! The new growing year has begun and nothing is more rewarding than harvesting the winter produce and planning your garden space for the year ahead. Take some time to reflect on things that have worked out well for you and things that haven’t quite and make a resolution to become a better gardener! After all if we do not learn from mistakes, we are not progressing. Anyways let’s just enjoy the beauty of nature and our gardens (?). Just kidding, I’m sure your garden is pretty!

If you haven’t done the following, January is your last chance to:

This isn't tempting enough?

This isn’t tempting enough?

  • Plant bare root trees and shrubs
  • Spray dormant shrubs
  • Monitor freeze warnings and take measures such as covering plants with perforated plastics.
  • Prune roses and deciduous fruit trees
  • Plant summer bulbs

Here is a list of vegetables you could try out this time. That’s if you haven’t already!

1. Garlic: It can be sown directly into the soil and it won’t be affected by the frost as they are very hardy to cold temperatures.

2. Rutabaga: Sow directly into soil, harvest from May.

3. Radish: Sow directly into soil, harvest from March. Suggested variety: Purple Plum Radish

4. Okra or Ladyfinger: Grow indoors initially in trays and then plant outside in 4-6 weeks. Harvest from June. Suggested varieties: Clemson Spineless Okra, Star of David Okra

5. Parsley: Sow directly into soil. Harvest from May. Suggested varieties: Santo Coriander, Moss Curled Parsley

6. Lettuce: Sow directly into soil in a nice shady place or better start growing in a seed tray indoors and transfer outdoors once plant grows a bit. Harvest from late February. Suggested varieties: Yugoslavian Red Butterhead Lettuce, Jericho LettuceSchweitzer’s Mescher Bibb Lettuce

7. Cucumber: Sow directly into soil. Harvest from May. Suggested variety: SMR 58 Cucumber

8. Scarlet Runner Beans: Sow directly into soil. Harvest from May.

9. Beetroot: Sow directly into soil. Harvest from May. Suggested varieties: Cylinder beetChioggia Beet

10. Amaranth: Sow directly into soil. Harvest from May.

11. Onion: If you plant onion seeds indoors in propagators they will be adequately sized come warmer weather.

12. Potato: You can start your early crop potatoes indoors or on a window-sill but make sure they do not get too damp.

13. Chives: Sow directly into soil. Harvest from May.

14. Eggplant: Start growing in seed trays indoors and plant outside in 4-6 weeks. Harvest from June. Suggested variety: Ichiban Eggplant,

15. Tomatoes and peppers: Get ahead and start growing tomatoes and peppers indoors and since they take 6-8 weeks to reach transplant size it will be perfect come March. Suggested varieties: Juliet Tomato, Super Fantastic TomatoNumex Big Jim Pepper

This list is specifically suited for all you people experiencing cold weathers now and hope to see warmer times by late February. Get all your required seeds and any assistance at our online store. And do plant only heirloom seeds henceforth! Once again a Happy 2013 to you and your garden!